Mini-Marriage Workshop

We are excited to provide our family of pastors and counselors a FREE "Mini-Marriage Workshop" outline with your purchase of the M101 Coach Kit.

Marriage Workshop Many have found that Marriage 101 is not only a great resource for premarital counseling but also for their married couples. As a result of all your help and feedback we've put together an outline so that your church can take advantage of this unique and fun way to introduce couples to the benefits of marriage enrichment.

One of the great challenges most churches face is engaging couples in ongoing marriage enrichment. People take the time to change the oil in their car and take it in for regular preventative maintenance, yet most only expect to keep the car a few years. They often don't see the need to take the same care with their marriage. Marriages need tune-ups, preventative maintenance, and overall care to ensure they last a lifetime. The "Mini-Marriage Workshop" is designed to whet the appetites of the couples for more. Afterward, for the following 6 weeks, they engage in a class to complete the 8 session series. Class can be offered on Sunday mornings, Sunday or Wednesday nights, or at an alternate time that works best for your couples.

The eight page, full color outline for setting up a "Mini-Marriage Workshop", comes absolutely FREE with your purchase of the Marriage 101 Coach Kit.

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